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Before one of our Marvel Armadillos takes over the letter column, I'd like to say just a word or three about this issue of DAREDEVIL. It began a few months ago; Stan Lee called, asking me to come up to his spacious, luxurious, carpeted office, so I picked myself off my milk-box, tripped over the file cabinets lining my broom-closet, and headed up to our ninth floor offices.

Stan said he'd like to use Uri Geller in one of our comics, and that I should find a place for him. At that time, I had heard of Geller - he was some sort of a metal-bender. That's all I had heard, and frankly, I wasn't too keen on the idea, and so I said I'd use him in DAREDEVIL (easier for me to do this than to assign it to another writer, I thought). Cut to a week or so later - I was at a party up at Paty (Cake) Greer's upstate New York home and I happened to see a copy of "Uri Geller, My Story" in her bookstand. Asking if I could borrow it for background information, I began reading it, and getting more and more involved with the reading. It was a fascinating story - and, yes, I was hooked - though still a total cynic.

It was then that Uri called, asking if he could come up to the offices to speak with me, to discuss the story. I said sure, hoping that this would be a chance to find out some things not in the book. He did come up the next day, and I found him to be a very likeable person, an avid Marvel fan, and not at all what one would expect a person with "special powers and abilities" to be like - in other words, the furthest thing from an egomaniac that you could hope to find. During the course of our talk, he asked for a key, which I gave him, then asked me to hold his fingers to see if he was pressing on the key. They were loosely around the heavy metal key, and slowly, as I held his fingers with mine, I watched the key bend.

Yeah, I may be a cynic, but I don't ignore facts - the key had bent - I was holding his fingers so I know he couldn't bend them with his hand, and it was my key. Whatever powers he had - were real. At that point, he asked me to draw a picture and not show it to him. He then began drawing his own picture, and as you can see from our two illustrations reproduced on this page, the sketches are very similar. Considering the rough drawing style from which Uri was trying to receive his psychic impressions, he was able to come very close to my own illustration - even duplicating the bizarre front view of the face on the side view of the body.

Afterwards, Uri bent another key for Sparklin' SCOTT EDELMAN, with virtually the entire Marvel staff watching. We also took a few publicity pictures; the best printed here.

As for me, I began a cynic, and now I'm a believer - of whatever abilities Uri has, and if there are any super heroes in this world, we should hope they are all as nice as Uri.

Take care, enjoy the story, and now, back to the Armadillo.

  • Marv Wolfman

    And all your friendly Armadillo has the space left to say is that your letters will return next issue as usual. So drop us a line, huh, we'll be waitin' for you.

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