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Cherie Blair wife of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

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Motivational Inspirational Speaker

WEBWATCH "FANTASTIC SITE that allows you to test your psychic powers, courtesy of that spoon-bending phenomenon, Uri Geller"

Has voted Uri Geller's web site 4th best(in its category by the UK's best selling internet reference magazine.

"Uri's website is fantastic" Steve Wright



Read Uri's Amazing Novel ELLA - in German.

Staya Erusa

Uri talks about the meaning of life and Staya Erusa on Dr Pat's show

The German version of The Successor; The Next Uri Geller

CLICK HERE FOR The German version of The Successor, The Next Uri Geller.

Promo 1

Promo 2

Promo 3

Surprise people with this promotional interactive film.

A humorous promotion for the channel of Pro7 (5MB).

A humorous promotion for the channel of Pro7 (13.3MB).

An interview with ProSieben (German).

An interview with ProSieben (English).

A song for Uri Geller (In German).

De Nieuwe Uri Geller, the Dutch version of The Successor

The New Uri Geller on SBS6 in the Netherlands.

"This series with Uri Geller was the only TV show to beat Pop Idol in the ratings war"
Tina Nijkamp
Head of Programming.

Phenomenon, the US version of The Successor

A chat with Uri Geller
Phenomenon on NBC

Play the "Bend Your Mind" game.

US OK magazine

Billboards for Phenomenon

NBC seeks Geller successor

Download NBC's Promo' for phenomenon (mov 3.4MB)
Or press start below...

Remote Viewing

NBC also looking for a successor to Uri Geller

The Hungarian version of The Next Uri Geller

beats Harry Potter in the ratings war!

Google News Alert for: uri geller
Uri Geller Delivers for TV2
World Screen News - New York,NY,USA

BUDAPEST, April 3: The premiere of Uri Geller’s The Successor
delivered strong ratings for TV2 in Hungary, outperforming the
channel’s average share by almost 30 percent.

The local version of the show, which originated in Israel, is called
A kiválasztott. According to the show’s distributor, SevenOne
International, the premiere episode topped all of its competition,
including Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on RTL Klub.
The episode nabbed a 30.8-percent share of the 18-to-49 set and a
32.6-percent share of 18- to 49-year-old males.

—By Mansha Daswani

This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

The Turkish version of The Next Uri Geller

is on Turkey's Star TV from 17th April

Phenomenon - The Next Uri Geller.

Click for the Star TV website!

Staya Erusa

Uri talks about the meaning of life and Staya Erusa on Dr Pat's show

Uri Geller in Geneva: The Red Crystal


Uri's Red Cross negotiations with the Palestinians and Syrians.



Mind Medicine

Mind Medicine

Forward by Dr. Andrew Weil. Voted as one of the World's hundred most influential people by TIME Magazine.

In this book, Uri shows you that the human mind is a powerhouse of healing energy, untapped by most of us and yet capable of restoring physical and mental health.
Order it now
Uri Geller's Research


Uri Geller's Articles and News

Very interesting interview (in German)..

Uri's column in German

Istanbul, Budapest
Budapest aunt
Istanbul, Razcal
Private jet / Madejski
Arthur C Clarke, haunted house, Ramana, Barney
Einstein, synagogue, technology, finale
Cigarettes are dangerous
New generation
Dutch launch
Third Show
Second Show
Phenomenon, Tyson
Dress rehearsal
Sushi, Tokyo tower
Eclectic. Bizarre. Outlandish. Alien...
Tony Blackburn, desert ordeal
Autographs, pavements, baby Uri
Lara Lewington writes
Los Angeles
X-teacher, Prince Naz
Art and cushions
Tokyo in senses, Sony, Dinner, Prime Minister, Tallest Man
Crystal chess, Iraqis, Nat and Dan
Phenomenon, mentalists, Cyprus
Criss Angel, Boris Becker, Mel C
A very strange way to bend a fork!
Garden Parties
Lewis Hamilton, Peter Falk, Barney
Message from beyond the grave
Germany, golf, Blair
Icons, Simpsons
Roger Moore, Dali, Gallery K
Pirates of the Caribbean
Amsterdam, Staya Erusa, Ron + Ron
Kirk Douglas, art, producers
Listen to Uri Geller on Coast to Coast with George Noory 2007.
Kuperman TV Production
I am flattered that INCUBUS mention me in their hit song
The Dylan Rabbit - Uri Geller (He Bends Spoons)
Incubus mentioning Uri Geller in 'Nice to Know You'
The Six Days In June
Pyramid power
Left-handers, Crystal, Rug
Telepathy, Russians, Ice Cream
Tallest man, Hinohara, Paulo Coelho, Cannes, UFO-meter
Uri goes on a bender in Cannes
Uri on the Al Murray 'The Pub Landlord' Show
Global warming

Why I believe in the power of prayer
Uri Sings for charity 56K or Broadband
This site uses real player for audio and video. You can download it for free.

Over 95% of the children in Israel wanted to be Uri Geller in PURIM holidays

Uri Geller's New Television Format The Successor

Keshet wins gold medal for Uri Geller promo ad

NBC has 'idol'-styled 'Phenomenon'
NBC seeks Geller successor
Reality TV Magazine Phenomenon To Search For Next Great Mentalist
Geller conjures up German format deal
The Successor to Air in Germany
The Successor
Robin Gibb performing 'How Deep is Your Love' on the show
Uri Geller TV show spooks Israeli magicians
Uri Geller plans to take reality show to the world
Uri Geller bends self into Israel 'reality TV' stardom
Celebrity Grapevine - Jerusalem Post
Uri Geller delivers phenomenal ratings for Keshet
Uri Geller conjures up massive 34.5% rating
Israel talent hunt a homecoming for psychic Geller

This ten-page special report inside New Scientist, by Robert Matthews and John McCrone, compares parascientific research with traditional science and draws some positive conclusions.

Recent studies of ESP, for example, are shown to have produced weightier evidence than tests on the drug streptokinase, which dissolves blood clots and has been hailed as a medical breakthrough.

I believe parascience is finally entering the mainstream, as advances in our understanding of sub-atomic physics begin to give us a framework for evaluating what really happens during telepathy and psychokinesis, for example.

The stance of New Scientist has changed greatly in the 30 years since it ran a cover story scoop 'exposing' me as a trickster who had radio receivers wired into his wisdom teeth! In 1974, scientists could say anything they liked about psychics: no slur was too extravagant. In 2004, it's the scientists and not the psychics who are setting the agenda on parapsy research.

Looking in Uri's mouth
Feature in the "New Scientist", October 17, 1974
Dear Skeptics

Uri Geller's Artwork

Visit Uri's Art Work - latest update - Uri Geller's 1970's gallery, Click here

Uri Geller was a "pupil" to Salvador Dali in the 1970's, who was a great mentor to him influencing his art style. Salvador kindly gave him a number of statues.
Uri was also influenced by Peter Max, Andy Warhol, and Picasso, who he also met. Visit his unique, online art gallery.

Stuart Semple
'An amazing new young British artist' Click here to visit his website.
Download the portfolio of Stuart Semple in PDF format.
Burn baby burn
Geller: creates memorial from Saatchi warehouse remains NEW
Stuart Semple on You Tube NEW

Uri also sponsors the artist Ron Amir
Click here to visit his website.

Poole Pottery

All Sold Out!

Uri is a respected artist. He has worked with Salvador Dali, with whom Uri shared a passion for surrealism. Uri's art has been exhibited all over the world. Poole Pottery (makers of pottery plates) joined forces with Uri after being impressed with his vibrant, lively designs, drawings and paintings.

Uri has now his limited collection of personally signed and dedicated plates are available on this site. He will also create an unique artwork on the reverse side of the plate, making your plate the only one like it in the world.

Uri Geller's Cyber Shop

All Sold Out! No stock left.

online shopping at
I would like to shop for
Interesting Items

My beloved JonJon passed away

We were so heartbroken that we got another rescued Greyhound - his name is Barney

Uri with the BAFTA for "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"

The inscription says:

The British Academy of Film and TV Arts Awarded to:
"I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"

Click here to watch movie 1
Click here to watch movie 2
Click here to watch movie 3
Visit the NISSAN website, click here.

Humorous commercial playing now in Europe.

Film crews spent two days filming at Uri's own home.

Watch by Broadband streaming

A humorous ice cream commercial for Spain.

Click here to watch

Uri sends Margaret Thatcher warm wishes

May will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of what turned out to be a watershed in postwar politics - the election of Margaret Thatcher as Conservative Prime Minister.

Blue Spoon Detective Agency

Uri's Haunted Cities - Worldwide Soon!

Watch on Broadband or 56K.
Download the free Real player.

What the critics say about Haunted Cities

Sky Advert


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The best day of my life
Says Uri about the day he helped bring about world peace.
Puharich studied his telekinetic and telepathic abilities, which he firmly believed to be genuine.
Uri writes for The Sunday Times Magazine 11/08/02
Click here to see the artworks of Martina Busch, endorsed by Uri
Click here to find out about the psi war research.

Press Reports

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. Very Interesting Articles About Uri Geller
Uri's on his family
Uri's tour in the news
Uri helps stop Newcastle United's London curse!
Uri Geller's Columns
Multimedia Archives
German Press Reports and columns
Dutch Press Reports
Articles about Uri Geller In Russian
Time Magazine
Uri Spooks actors
TRIBUTE TO A MAVERICKUri Geller's World Of Pop
Criss Angel's challenge 


Second in Uri's Masterclass series
Suspend your disbelief, open your mind and prepare to be truly amazed.

This week -
Previously Making an energy star, Spoon Bending, :Positive Thinking, Mending Watches, The Power of Dreams, Reverse Psychology

Spoonbender Sets Sights on Elvis House
Before Graceland
Picture of the house
Return to Bender
Uri Geller buys Elvis home for nearly £½m
Uri Geller, partners win Ebay auction for Elvis Presley's house
Psychic says Elvis Messaged About House Deal
Ebay auction page
Uri Geller Buys Elvis Home
Click here to read some interesting facts about the life and death of Elvis Presley
National Enquirer 1
By an amazing coincidence, or synchronicity, or a message from beyond, Uri was in the same issue as Elvis's last picture!
National Enquirer 2
Yes, I am all shook up, heartbroken and maybe down,
but certainly not out!!

Psychic sues to gain Presley property.


Uri Geller's Appearances

Do you want to change your life for the better?
Tour Reviews and News

Uri Geller on QVC

Geller designs beautiful jewelry for:

All made from flawless rock crystals and every time he is on QVC these items sell out quickly.

Uri's line of crystal jewelry, at

Right: 9ct Gold Serpent Wrap Crystal Pendant On Chain - Exquisite unique gold and flawless rock crystal jewellery designed by Uri Geller with ancient Egyptian inspired detail.

Unorthodox Encounters
Uri Geller's
Soul-baring, disturbing, mind- expanding, sometimes funny and often bursting with chutzpah, the collected thoughts, writings and experiences of the world's most famous paranormalist are compulsive reading.
Psychic and the Rabbi
"The two men are clearly close and intimate friends, and through their exchanges we discover our own humanity".
Geller's Parascience Pack
comes with high-quality brass dowsing rods, genuine rock crystal and much, much more for testing,enhancing or using your psi abilities
Mindpower Kit
Now in Spanish for both European and South American markets. Also Greek and Portugese.
Mind Medicine
Now in Dutch, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Japanese, German, Spanish and Portugese! Soon in more languages.
Little book of Mindpower
Now in Portugese, Greek and Dutch.

There is no spoon - The Matrix


Uri in Annie Hall

Music inspired by Uri Geller
Ken Russell’s Film Mindbender
was inspired by Uri Geller's life story. Uri himself appears at the end of the film for an interactive psychic experiment.
URI GELLER LECTURING TO AMERICAN SENATORS Senator Pete Domenici, Former Senator Alan Cranston CA)(deceased), Senator Fritz Hollings (So. Carolina). Lower picture: Uri with Vice President Al Gore, Yuli M. Vorontsov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union and Anthony Lake (then National Security advisor, later head of the CIA), and Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Uri's task was to mentally bombard Yuli Vorontsov and the group at the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty Negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland, to sign the nuclear treaty, which they did.

Dave Stewart's wedding
Click here to see the human aura
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