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Uri Geller Motivates!

WEBWATCH: "FANTASTIC SITE that allows you to test your psychic powers; courtesy of that spoon-bending phenomenon,
Uri Geller"

Has voted Uri's web site 4th best in its category by the UK's best selling internet reference magazine.

"Uri's website is fantastic" Steve Wright

Uri Geller's Little Book of Mindpower


Uri Geller's Little Book of Mindpower

Little Book of Mindpower in Portuguese, Greek and Dutch

Press Release

Do you believe in the power of the human mind? One man does and he should know ... his name is Uri Geller.

Geller rocketed to international fame in the Seventies as his phenomenal Mind-Power sent docks haywire and spoons a-twisting. Now in this handy, pocket-sized book, he will teach readers how to develop their own psychic skills.

Packed with inspirational thoughts and invigorating techniques to maximise your mind energies, Uri reveals all the secrets of positive thinking, meditation and willpower.

Speaking yesterday, Uri said "In the world's most famous laboratories I have explored telepathy, psychokinesis, even teleportation - and the scientists have convinced me of one thing. I am not unique. We all have these powers."

So convinced is Uri that he encourages readers to take part in a massive Mind-Power experiment. He has sealed a secret drawing in his safe and at 11 am and 11pm GMT on the 11th of each month he will transmit the drawing telepathically. During the total eclipse of the sun at 11 minutes past 11 on August 11, 1999, Uri will open the envelope and the drawing which most closely matches hisown will win a valuable rock crystal, millions of years old. Mind-bending? You bet!

About the author:

Uri Geller is the world's most investigated and celebrated paranormalist. A vegetarian and fervent promoter of peace, he has used his psychic gifts to track serial killers, work for the FBI and the CIA, and influence nuclear disarmament talks. At 51, Uri maintains his uncannily youthful looks by cycling 40 miles a day and hanging by his ankles from exercise bars. He lives with hisfamily by the Thames in Berkshire.

13th June 1998
Shropshire STAR

Using the power of the mind


Robson Books, 2.50

NOW this really is a "little" book. Just a touch larger than the illustration here, this pocket-sized book

claims to help you maximise your will to win.

Do you believe in the power of the mind? If anyone does it is author Uri Geller.

The Seventies sensation sent clocks whizzing and spoons bending, apparentlyusing only the power of his mind.

In this titchy tome he aims to teach the reader how to develop his own psychic skills.

Uri reveals the secrets of positive thinking, meditation and willpower herewith mottos such as 'That isn't a barrier . . . it's a hurdle! You can leap it!" or "Perfection is an excuse for failure. Don't hide behind the quest for perfection."

Discover how positive thinking can overcome any problem. Find the secret switch in your mind that turns off stress. And supercharge your willpower and brim with courage.

OK then, "I am doing this for me . . . I deserve success . . ."

Caroline Garbett

3rd June 1998

Express & Star (Litchfield & Burntwood)

Now Geller wants to bend minds!


Do YOU believe in the power within? If not, maybe you should, according to Uri Geller.

His new Little Book Of Mindpower promises to "maximise your will to win" by revealing the secret of mind-power tricks.

The world-famous spoon-bender advises what music to listen to when your Mindpower is low. He gives words to live by, from great thinkerssuch as Albert Einstein and Carl Jung.

You can learn how to make your mind more powerful than Einstein's, share Uri's Six Gifts From The Gods, and be in on his Top Ten Secrets For Beating Set-Backs.

If you focus on his little drawings of an angel or a heart for one minute, you can send "positive, healing energy" to anyone in the world. A symbol of infinity can make your wishes come true if you focus on it for 30 seconds.

Most people know Uri Geller for his spoon-bending and clock-mending, and his television shows in which the audience watching at home are asked to focus on an orange dot on the screen.

This apparently unleashes the power of the mind so they can"achieve anything", and according to his book, which is also bright orange, it's the colour for vibrant energy.

Uri says he has used his gift to hunt down serial killers, assist the FBI and CIA, and influence nuclear disarmament conferences. He claims to have been "coaching" the minds of Premier League Footballers, Formula One drivers and racing cyclists, although it doesn't mention who they are.

An added "bonus" plugged at the end of the book is a competition he is setting up for the millennium.

At 11am and 11pm on the 11th of every month, until 1999, hewill telepathically transmit the image of a picture he has locked in a safe. Readers are invited to send him the pictures they "receive".

On August 11, 1999, the actual picture will appear on his Internet website. The person who sends in the picture which most closely matches the original will win (wait for it) a million-year-old rock crystal from his personal collection.

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Soul-baring, disturbing, mind- expanding, sometimes funny and often bursting with chutzpah, the collected thoughts, writings and experiences of the world's most famous paranormalist are compulsive reading.
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Little book of Mindpower
Now in Portugese, Greek and Dutch.
To find and acquire all of Uri's older books go to http://www.alibris.com/
and type in Uri Geller's name in the search box.

There is no spoon - The Matrix


Uri in Annie Hall

This Morning ITV - 19-02-2002
Music inspired by Uri
Ken Russell's Film Mindbender
was inspired by Geller's life story, Uri himself appears at the end of the film for an interactive psychic experiment.
URI GELLER LECTURING TO AMERICAN SENATORS Senator Pete Domenici, Former Senator Alan Cranston CA)(deceased), Senator Fritz Hollings (So. Carolina). Lower picture: Uri with Vice President Al Gore, Yuli M. Vorontsov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union and Anthony Lake (then National Security advisor, later head of the CIA), and Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Uri's task was to mentally bombard Yuli Vorontsov and the group at the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty Negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland, to sign the nuclear treaty, which they did.

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