3rd April 1998

Manchester Metro News


Uri's World Cup bender


PSYCHIC Uri Geller, the Israeli spoon-bender, has experienced some spectacular things in life, but surely even the most hardened will aghast at his latest claim.


"I've bent the World Cup," Uri told me during the Waterstones Literary Lunch at the Ramada Hotel, Manchester, on Monday.


After witnessing him bend some cutlery belonging to photographer Chris Loufte, Uri explained that, at the request of some football execs in England, he recently had soccer's premier trophy at his home in Henley, close to the Thames, to "energise" it, and bring luck to England during the competition.


"I can't reveal to you who brought the trophy to my home, but it came with about 10 bodyguards," says Uri, who managed to slip away and spend some time alone with the cup in his dining room.


"It has a very thick base, and I was amazed when, without me doing anything, it started to bend. If you look at it closely, you can see that it now leans very slightly to the left, but there's no serious damage."


Uri, after finding worldwide fame in the seventies with demonstrations of his amazing abilities, has turned his talents to writing. His new thriller, Ella, published by Headline, has already caught the attention of film-maker Ridley Scott.

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