5th October 1997



How Uri spooked Wright!

The SUNDAY MIRROR's special investigator GRAHAM NICKLESS reveals the startling claim behind Arsenal's 0-0 draw with Spurs at Highbury.

IAN Walker stopped England teammate Ian Wright breaking Arsenal's goal record at Highbury with a little help from a mystic mate.

The Sunday Mirror can today reveal that Spurs keeper Walker turned to world-famous spoon-bender Uri Geller for special help.

Walker reckons Geller's powers managed to spook Wrighty out of scoring the two goals he needed on September 1 with the aid of mind games and lucky crystals.

Walker placed Geller's crystals at the back of his goal before the north London derby and they worked like a charm.

Even now Arsenal fans cannot fathom out how arch-rivals Spurs, reduced to 10 men after Justin Edinburgh's dismissal, escaped with a point.

And how the usually lethal Wright failed to score on an afternoon that saw the woodwork peppered four times by Gunners.

Wright in particular was beside himself when, with only Walker to beat from 10 yards, he hit the crossbar.

Wrighty eventually took it out on Bolton when he blasted a hat-trick against them and broke the record.

Geller, friend of some of the world's leading sports personalities, confirmed: "When Ian came to see me I told him how to focus his mind more, to be sharper.

"He came to me twice the last time was before the Arsenal game because he didn't want Ian Wright scoring against him."

"I told him where to put my crystals so his goals would not be penetrated."

"After the match Ian phoned me on his car phone and thanked me because he was so pleased with the result."

"At the end of the day it's all down to positive thinking and there is nothing wrong with what Ian did because he is two steps ahead of the others."

Formula One driver Jan Maqnussen has also visited Geller at his Sonning home in Berkshire, and told me: "Uri helps me to get focused. When I was there at this home, the phone was ringing all the time with other sportsmen asking to see him. It was incredible."

Walker tried to laugh off his visit to Geller telling the Sunday Mirror: "I only went there for a laugh - I was intrigued by what he had to say but it meant absolutely nothing."

Of course, Ian nothing-nothing, in fact!


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