Totally Jewish,
July 25, 2000

He's stopped Big Ben from chiming, helped the police crack crimes, and once owned a racehorse called Spoonbender - but then again, you wouldn't expect anything less from Uri Geller. Starting next month the famous forkbender will be writing a regular column for TJ, as well as sending psychic messages to TJ readers through cyberspace. This week Uri reveals all to TJ's David Garfinkel.

TJ: When did you first discover you had psychoenergetic powers?
UG: I was four-years-old and eating soup. The spoon dipped into my lap. My mother tried to ignore it. I just accepted the phenomenon

TJ: Which contemporary magicians/ performers do you admire the most?
UG: David Blaine, the young New York street artist. You've probably seen his act in cinema ads. He throws a card straight through a pane of glass. At my home I saw him levitate. I could swear it was almost paranormal!

TJ: What's the most memorable thing you have achieved with your powers?
UG: In the late 80s I joined Senator Al Gore and his team, including the head of the CIA, at the Salt II nuclear disarmament talks. My job was to bombard the Russian delegates with affirmative and peaceful energy, willing them to sign. It worked.

TJ: Have you ever used your powers to gamble?
UG: Yes - but I felt so bad about it afterwards, that I threw the money from a car window.

TJ: Have you ever solved any crimes with your powers?
UG: I helped track down the infamous psychopath son of Sam, during his rampage through New York in the late Seventies. I was given items which had belonged to his victims and used my powers of visualisation to picture the killer. And recently I helped solve a murder case in England.

TJ: How did you stop Big Ben from working?
UG: Sheer will power. No one believed I could do it - even my family were shocked. But I never doubted that I would stop the clock!

TJ: The society of American Magicians issued a statement saying you don't have any "supernatural abilities". How did you react to that?
UG: Did they say that? I didn't even know. Whether my powers will one day be explained by science, or are truly supernatural - and therefore beyond any explanation - I really don't know.

TJ: How would you best like to be remembered in 50 years time?
UG: As the father of modern parascience, and the sprightliest centenarian of my generation. And I intend to be a regular on chat shows for psychic 100-year-olds!

TJ: If you could be granted one wish that comes true, what would it be?
UG: Global peace. Does that sound trite? Whatever, that's the wish at the centre of my heart.

TJ: How would you describe your Jewish identity?
UG: I believe in G-d and as a believer I am at one with all other believers of any religion. My religion happens to be Jewish and nothing could shake that.

TJ: Are you observant?
UG: I'm a man of deep faith but my wife Hannah is more devout than me. She helps keep me observant.

TJ: What's your favourite festival?
UG: Glastonbury. After that, Rosh Hashanah.

TJ: Does your wife keep a kosher home and are you allowed near the cutlery in the kitchen?
UG: Not only kosher, but vegetarian. And I have mastered the knack of keeping cutlery straight when I'm eating!

TJ: Can you predict the future for TJ?
UG: I honestly believe this could be the most successful Jewish site on the Web. Never let up and keep pouring your energies into everything you do.

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