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WEBWATCH: "FANTASTIC SITE that allows you to test your psychic powers; courtesy of that spoon-bending phenomenon,
Uri Geller"

Has voted Uri's web site 4th best in its category by the UK's best selling internet reference magazine.

"Uri's website is fantastic" Steve Wright

Uri Geller's Sports Page


Uri inspires Lewis Hamilton
See the result on CNN


You can select Football News | General Sports News

"Serena Williams...... She can't bend spoons like Uri Geller . What Williams can do is use her mind to break her opponents. "

Lastest News and information


The Scottish SUN:

GARY McALLISTER revealed TV spoon bender Uri Geller said SORRY to him for his Wembley penalty miss.

Euro's Most Shocking Moments - Uri Moves The Ball, Euro 96

BBC Documentary Rates Uri's Mind Power Ball Move One Of Euro Football's Most Shocking Movements!



Psychic Uri Geller hovered over a stadium in a helicopter during a big soccer game - and says he helped his favourite team win by using Mindpower to make a player miss a kick. The incredible feat was witnessed by millions of TV viewers around the globe who watched in astonishment as the ball actually MOVED when the player went to kick it! He missed the chance to score a goal on a penalty shot - and his team lost the match. It happened during an important game between England and Scotland. Israeli-born Geller now lives in England and has adopted the country's team.

But Gary just went ahead and kicked it, and something told me to dive the right way and save it. The ball moving definitely caused him to miss." During the big game Geller hovered 1,200 feet above the stadium. Geller disclosed: "When that penalty kick was taken I willed Dave to dive to the right, and he did. And I willed the ball to move with pure telepathy. "I tapped into the massive wave of positive vibrations from the England supporters and beamed them down to the players. I was like a receiver and a transmitter - I said before the game if all the fans visualised England winning, they would. The players felt my powers very strongly."



Ambrogio Fogar, who died on August 24 aged 64, survived for 73 days in an open boat amid the frozen waters of the South Atlantic after his yacht was sunk by a killer whale off the Falklands in 1978. Also went on an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle with Uri Geller
Paranormal expert Uri Geller, who has helped mentor Dom to sail 2,000 nautical miles from Newfoundland back to Exmouth aboard a 'kite boat' later this summer"

Narcissism the Key to Weight Loss:
Shrink will Shrink with Thousands of Others by September 15 to Prove Theory

Sport Psychologist Dr. John F. Murray Makes a Public Weight-Loss Guarantee and Invites Others to Benefit.
"Combining Science with Uri Geller's Self-Love Message and Inspiration, We'll Melt the Fat by September 15!"

WEST PALM BEACH, April 4 - Dr. John F. Murray, internationally-known sport psychologist and author of the best-selling "Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game," promises that healthy narcissism, science, and Uri Geller's inspiration will help him and thousands of others overcome America's Number 1 Health Problem: obesity........ Read more

My first encounter with football. Trying to capture a football match using a huge pair of binoculars. I was around 5 years old. When I was a teenager in the early 60s in Nicosia, Cyprus, I inspired a local Cypriot team who were at the bottom of the league to win the championship by going to the dressing room and motivating the players on a matchday. That's me in the bottom left-hand corner in a Cypriot newspaper, running with the winners who are holding the cup aloft. That was the first time I realised that I can inspire and motivate sportspeople to win and excel in their sport."

Euro 96, and England are playing Scotland, Alan Shearer puts England ahead. The Scots look beaten until, against the run of play, they win a penalty. Step forward Gary McAllister, who drives the ball at David Seaman, who deflects it over the bar. England go on to win 2-0. The Scot later reveals that the ball moved as he was about to kick it.

The reason?

Uri Geller, that well-known spoon-bender, claims he willed it to move because he wanted England to win.

Uri Geller's Football News

Brazil internationals Roberto Rivelino and Paulo Cesar. 1976.

Dr. John F. Murray - Sports Psychologist
Tribal Football
Tal Ben Haim
In U.S. Camp at Last
Uri - Bending a Hand!
Uri - Bending a Hand! 02
No Stopping England Now!

Help Uri Fix the Foot
The World Cup came to my house - there could not have been more fuss for a Royal visit.
Revived Exeter on stunning run
Geller talks up Grecians
He is the most outrageous man in football

Bend it like Geller!
An incredible prediction by Uri Geller: Brazil to win the world cup!
Uri lines up Brazil for his next trick
Back to where it all started for Brazil
Listen to Michael Jackson's speech at Exeter
Grecians get Brazilian President on board for Centenary encounter
Jackson wears the colours
I love the city
Jackson is board member
David Blaine is honorary board member
Thriller visit to city
Give Exeter a chance

Uri Geller and Michael Jackson

Geller's arrival hails dawn of new era
Showman has landed
Cities lost years
Witches cast an Exeter spell on me
Another plane
Destiny in Uri's hands
Uri Geller delighted with fans reaction
Uri and Son
We are not magicians
Uri vows not to interfere psychically with football matches
Uri's Amazing Prediction
NEW Michael Jackson at Exeter City with co-chairman Uri Geller.
England: Bend It Like Uri
Beckham is touched by the hand of Uri

David Blaine sporting the Exeter scarf

Breaking News Uri Geller to help Exeter
Exeter City's new co-chairman Uri Geller

City people can heal David Beckham
Bend it like Geller!
Uri on GMTV to heal Beckhams foot
Exeter take over finally sealed
Uri Geller is the new joint chairman of Third Division side Exeter City, reports BBC Radio Devon
Win Norwich win!
Mindpower gives Royals a surge
Uri wills Reading to win
WORLD famous psychic Uri Geller today urged Canary fans to unleash the energies of their mind to help Norwich to reach the play-offs
SONNING spoonbender Uri Geller helped spur on the Royals by generating fan power during a magical Saturday afternoon
Uri opts for a hands-on approach to Beckham's foot
Uri used fanpower and helped the Royals (reading) win and gain promotion

Shell-shocked Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admitted he felt like 'there was a sorcerer at work'

For the story click below

The mystic match winner
Toon army welcome geller
Uri's Newcastle invite
For he's a jolly good Geller Dec 18 2001
The Evening Chronicle Report

Uri did it for the Toon Dec 19 2001
Arsenal 1, Newcastle United 3 Dec 19 2001
How Geller ended the capital jinx Dec 20 2001

The Sunday Mail 03/03/02

Spoon bending mystic Uri Geller claimed he was to blame for Gary McAlister's defining penalty miss. The ball clearly moved seconds before Macca struck the shot that deflected off England keeper David Seamen on over the bar. Geller claimed this was down to his magical powers and Seamen reckons the mystic deserves credit for the win. The keeper said I noticed the ball started rolling slightly and thought Gary might replace it on the spot but he kicked it. Perhaps it put him off.

Update: Uri apologises to Gary for the penalty miss

Uri Geller's Sport News

Honeyghan hires Uri

Geller helps Darcy to title victory

Eddie Kidd said. "No one thought I'd make it but Uri helped big time" Click Here to read how!

"They both listened to my Mindpower techniques. As a matter of fact the spoon continued bending in Lennox Lewis's hand."

Uri Succeeds in Bending Tennis Racket in London


Peter McDonagh produced a sensational upset when he stopped former British super-featherweight champion Michael Gomez in the sixth round at the National Stadium in Dublin. Outsider McDonagh enjoyed the biggest win of his career by far and claimed the Irish lightweight title when he sensationally stopped Gomez at one minute 40 of the fifth round.

Gomez, also a former WBU champion, had hoped that a routine victory over McDonagh would reignite his career but instead his ring future is now in severe doubt.Gomez surprised the Irish crowd when he seemed to turn away after being caught by a left hand and while still on his feet with his hands by his waist he took a further cluster of punches without reply leaving the referee with no option but to wave the fight over.McDonagh sank to his knees in celebration and burst into tears as he was hugged in the ring by his corner and members of his family.

Immediately afterwards McDonagh gave full credit for his victory
to celebrity mind-bender Uri Geller. McDonagh said:
"I told you this man is a special man. I believed in him and he believed in me and I knew I could win the fight."

(credits: www.sportinglife.com)

Galway boxer has Geller in his corner 

Galway man Peter McDonagh is leaving no stone unturned in his preparations for his Irish lightweight title fight with Michael Gomez on January 28. The 28-year-old McDonagh, who lives in Bermondsey, has sought the assistance of world famous paranormalist Uri Geller ahead of his National Stadium clash with Gomez.

Geller explained: "Peter approached me on a flight (to London) and we had a good conversation. He is a very interesting and talented young man and he told me all about his fight with Gomez."I explained to him how I had helped Muhammad Ali decades ago and told him I could help do the same for him. What I do is to help motivate and inspire people like Peter and give them the self belief they need. "It s all about mental attitude. I told Peter that I believe in him but he also has to believe in himself," he added. "After our conversation I became involved with Peter's training for this fight. I have brainstormed with him and he is very open minded. He believes in positive thinking and has been able to absorb things very quickly. "It's all about developing the energy of the mind and getting Peter to realise his 'human potential'. That's what I help people to do."

Geller's work will undoubtedly draw comparisons with Steve Collins' use of a hypnotist prior to his upset win over Chris Eubank in 1995, but Geller rejects that. "What I am doing with Peter is far more powerful than hypnosis. It's about getting Peter to become completely positive so that he knows it's a case of when instead of if he wins this fight."
"I m looking forward to travelling to Dublin with Peter and I will be involved with him just like any other coach. The only difference is that I am training his mind, not his body."

Manchester-based Gomez, who is a former world super featherweight champion, said of Geller's involvement with his opponent: "All I have to say is good luck to him (McDonagh) because he's going to need all the help he can get!
"I'm not sure Uri Geller will be of much use to him though because there won't be any spoons in that ring for him to bend. The only thing I plan on bending is some of McDonagh's ribs with my body punches!"

(Source: Irish Examiner .com)

Spoon bender Uri Geller helps Irish fighter

DUBLIN, Ireland (January 19, 2006) – Peter McDonagh is leaving no stone unturned in preparations for his Irish title fight with Michael Gomez in Dublin on January 28th. The Galway man has turned to world famous paranormalist Uri Geller for assistance as he bids to score the win of his career against Gomez. A chance meeting between the two men on a flight to London has led to Geller’s involvement throughout McDonagh’s preparations and he will accompany the boxer to Dublin for the fight.
"Peter approached me on the flight and we had a good conversation," explained Geller. "He is a very interesting and talented young man and he told me all about his fight with Gomez. I explained to him how I had helped Muhammad Ali decades ago and told him I could help do the same for him. What I do is to help motivate and inspire people like Peter and give them the self-belief they need.

"It’s all about mental attitude. I told Peter that I believe in him but he also has to believe in himself. After our conversation I became involved with Peter’s training for this fight. I have brainstormed with him and he is very open-minded. He believes in positive thinking and has been able to absorb things very quickly." Geller has been focusing on helping McDonagh achieve what he calls his "human potential.”
"It’s all about developing the energy of the mind and getting Peter to realize his human potential. That’s what I help people to do."
"Many athletes use hypnotherapy and sport psychologists, but my work is different,” Geller said. “I will be able to enhance Peter’s mental abilities and powers to make him faster, stronger and more powerful. I’ve worked with boxers like Muhammad Ali and numerous other athletes over the years to help them improve their performance and my work with Peter is no different.
"I’m looking forward to traveling to Dublin with Peter and I will be involved with him just like any other coach. The only difference is that I am training his mind, not his body."

McDonagh’s opponent, Michael Gomez, says he isn’t losing any sleep over Geller’s involvement. "All I have to say is good luck to him, because he’s going to need all the help he can get. I’m not sure Uri Geller will be of much use to him, though, because there won’t be any spoons in that ring for him to bend. The only thing I plan on bending is some of McDonagh’s ribs with my body punches!
"If he was looking for someone to help him in the ring then he should have got someone like Mike Tyson to come in with him and give him a hand. I think it just shows that he doesn’t have the mental strength to take me on and he obviously needs Uri Geller to help him with that. I just see that as a bonus for me really."
I don’t need any of that stuff,” continued Gomez. “I believe in myself 100%. I’ve overcome all sorts of obstacles in my life, being on a life support machine, car crashes, everything. Getting in the ring and fighting is easy compared to that."

(Source: The Sweet Science)

Lennox Lewis does it again. Did he use Uri's Mindpower?

IT came after 2 mins 25 secs of the eighth round, a crushing right hander that left Mike Tyson on the canvas with blood seeping from his eyes and nose.
This was what the nation had been waiting for - Lennox Lewis's "Fist of God" which retained for him the world heavyweight title and proved he is the world's greatest boxer.

Coming on top of David "the Foot" Beckham's match winning penalty against Argentina in the World Cup, the hammer blow early yesterday capped a glorious sporting week for Britain

Uri opts for a hands-on approach to Beckham's foot

London-born Lennox, 36 - who Tyson freely admitted was "fighting marvellous" - basked in the glory as he saluted 2,000 British fans who had travelled to Memphis to watch the clash along with a battery of Hollywood stars.
Looking on as the Brits chanted Rule Britannia and even football chants, proud mum Violet, 64, said it all: "What a week for England.
"Lennox beats Tyson, England beat Argentina and that's all after the Queen's Jubilee. It's fantastic."

Geller gets vibes going for England game

In one of the most long-awaited fights in boxing history brilliant Lewis overwhelmed bad boy Tyson from the opening bell before 15,300 baying fans in the Pyramid Arena.
Tyson, reportedly £10 million in debt, is already asking for another title shot against Lennox.
"I can't tell you how proud I am of him. He's done everything he set out to accomplish. I was nervous before the fight. But when he knocked Tyson out I felt wired!"-
The two fighters entered the ring separatelextraordinary scenes.
Twelve yellow-shirted security guards split the ring in two to keep them apart before the first bell.
Tyson tried to peek over the barrier. But Lewis - who had not met his opponent since being bitten by Tyson at their infamous press conference in New York last January - refused to be intimidated. Watching was the biggest array of showbiz stars seen at a boxing match.
Among celebrities were Oscar winner Denzel Washington, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Isaac Hayes, Leonardo di Caprio, Charlie Sheen, Cuba Gooding jnr and Morgan Freeman.
They were joined by Michael Jackson, NSync star Justin Timberlake.

Uri helps Michael Jackson and NSync

Jackson said: "It was a great match. Lennox deserved to be champ." Amid amazing tension there was no doubt that Lennox's army of fans helped him to victory. Many wore England football shirts and waved Union Jacks. To the astonishment of the locals some had their faces painted with the cross of St George.
Among the Brits were EastEnders star Ross Kemp, TV host Frank Skinner and Spurs star Darren Anderton. Ross said: "It was brilliant. The atmosphere was sensational. The better man definitely won. What with Argentina and then this - it couldn't get much better."

Mohamed Ali (click for more)

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There is no spoon - The Matrix


Uri in Annie Hall

This Morning ITV - 19-02-2002
Music inspired by Uri
Ken Russell's Film Mindbender
was inspired by Geller's life story, Uri himself appears at the end of the film for an interactive psychic experiment.
URI GELLER LECTURING TO AMERICAN SENATORS Senator Pete Domenici, Former Senator Alan Cranston CA)(deceased), Senator Fritz Hollings (So. Carolina). Lower picture: Uri with Vice President Al Gore, Yuli M. Vorontsov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union and Anthony Lake (then National Security advisor, later head of the CIA), and Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Uri's task was to mentally bombard Yuli Vorontsov and the group at the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty Negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland, to sign the nuclear treaty, which they did.

Dave Stewart's wedding
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